Moderator Training

Since 2005, The SynGas Association has been committed to providing content-rich, solution-focused Moderated Breakout Sessions for their members, vendors and guests at their Annual Conference.

Unlike a traditional ‘breakout session,’ whereby the presenter is expected to be the expert and deliver the content, these Moderated Educational Sessions are conducted utilizing an open forum format allowing all participants to ask questions, share answers and contribute equally to the exchange and discussion.

These moderated sessions are facilitated by fellow SynGas Members and Attendees, each of whom attends specialized training events that affords them the skills and approaches to lead attendees in discussions that are rousing, insightful and educationally valuable.

Past SynGas Conference attendees often remark that the Moderated Sessions are often the most relevant and valuable aspect of their attendance at the conference- year after year!

An Overview of Moderator Training:

I. For First-Time SynGas Moderators: Prior to the conference, all first-time Moderators are asked to view an online podcast that has an accompanying workbook. This online class will review the basics of moderating including the Benefits of Being a SynGas Moderator and the General Approaches for Successfully Moderating.

II. For Both First-Time and Repeat SynGas Moderators: On the morning of the first day of the SynGas Conference, just prior to the opening keynote address, Kristine Sexter, our Moderator Trainer, presents live, classroom-based training for all Moderators.

Moderators will be treated to a special, upscale buffet breakfast, which then leads into a 75- minute group training class. All Moderators will learn: Best Practices for Moderating a Memorable, Content-Rich Educational Breakout Session and will also engage in roleplays of the Most Challenging Moments in Moderating.

SynGas Moderators are given very special recognition throughout the conference. Their willingness to effectively facilitate these important moderated sessions is celebrated and very appreciated. There are quite a few SynGas Members who continue to moderate, year-after-year, and special recognition is afforded to them as “Celebrity Moderators.”

Kristine Sexter, President of WorkWise Productions

Kristine Sexter, President of WorkWise Productions, is an award-winning professional speaker and trainer. She has designed, and delivers, the customized training which every SynGas Moderator attends, so that they are prepared to effectively facilitate these valuable educational events.
Phone: (918) 361-3000